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DIY Relaxing spa basket: Top gift idea

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Why spa baskets are such a popular gift idea…

Baskets are a wonderful way to create a themed gift and making your gift recipient a relaxing spa basket can be fun, easy, and inexpensive. The gift recipient will love the indulgent, pampering feel of the handmade gifts you made for the basket and you will love knowing that your gift reminds your loved one to take time for their own relaxation and rejuvenation. The top three items to make for a relaxing spa basket include:

Handmade lavender eye pillow

You can make your gift recipient a wonderful scented eye pillow that applies a just hint of pressure to the sinus region of the face and can be chilled in the fridge or warmed in the microwave. You simply need to select a soft cotton fabric for the body of the pillow and cut out 2 matching rectangles of fabric that are approximately ten inches long and 5 inches wide. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch the two fabric squares together, leaving one end open, just like a pillowcase. Flip the “pillowcase” inside out.

In a bowl, combine 2 cups of plain uncooked rice with ten to twelve drops of lavender essential oil. Essential oils can be purchased at many health food stores and vitamin shops. Be careful not to touch the oil directly, just drop it from the bottle into the rice and stir with a wooden spoon. If you are especially creative, you may also want to purchase an envelope of dried lavender flowers (or dry your own) and add a handful to the rice mixture.

To finish the pillow. simply fill the fabric “pillowcase” with the lavender scented rice and sew the open end shut. Cut a square of decorative paper and create a handwritten decription of the eye pillow, telling the recipient that a minute or so in the microwave will create a warm compress while ten minutes in the fridge or freezer will turn the eye pillow into a cool and refreshing stress reliever.

DIY bath salts and salt scrubs

Bath salts and salt scrubs are easy and inexpensive to make even though spas and many upscale gift shops charge outrageous amounts of money for them. You simply need to find two mason jars with lids and purchase a large bag of plain Epsom salts from your local grocery store or drug store. Bring the mason jars and the Epsom salts into the kitchen and pull out a mixing bowl, wooden spoon, and the olive oil. Also, find the lavender essential oil that you used to create the relaxing eye pillow.

Bath salts- Blend 3 to 4 cups of Epsom salt with ten to twelve drops of lavender essential oil in your mixing bowl.
If you purchased dried lavender flowers for the relaxing eye pillow, add a handful to the bath salt mixture as well. Then, simply fill one of the mason jars with the scented Epsom salt and attach a tag that reads “Relaxing Bath Salts” with a piece of raffia or ribbon.

Salt scrub- Pour 3 to 4 cups of Epsom salt into your mixing bowl and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix them together until you see damp clumps begin to form. If your mixture is not clumping, add tiny amounts of olive oil until it does. If your mixture is too oily and the Epsom salt seems to be dissolving, add tiny amounts of salt until the mixture clumps. Add ten to twelve drops of the lavender essential oil and then spoon the mixture into one of the mason jars. Attach a tag that reads ‘Relaxing Salt Scrub’ with a piece of raffia or ribbon.

Creating the spa gift basket

Beautiful and unique wicker, reed or wire baskets can be found for a few dollars at any local thrift store. Fill the bottom of the basket with raffia, straw or shredded paper before placing the eye pillow, bath salts, and salt scrub inside. You can personalize the basket by adding additional inexpensive items that you think would be appropriate for your gift recipient such as earplugs, fluffy slippers, a copy of their favorite magazine, a used book by one of their favorite authors, a ceramic mug filled with gourmet coffee beans or teabags or a beautiful journal. By creating this unique gift with love, and your own hands, you will send a message of true appreciation to the recipient of this beautiful relaxing spa basket.


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